Business Executives Inc.

  • Promote the community, your business and that of other members.
  • Members and/or alternates are required to attend all weekly meetings.
  • Only one member for each professional specialty.
  • No member shall be represented it in more than one category.
  • Membership is limited to owners, partners, executive officers or managers of the business.
  • The procedure for membership is through sponsorship from a current member.
  • Membership will be terminated if a member and/or alternates misses four  meetings in a six-month period.
  • Each member shall give a craft talk shortly after acceptance into the club.
  • Visitations are encouraged at the place of business.
  • Missing four consecutive meetings may be grounds for termination.
  • Members should familiarize themselves with the business of their fellow members.
  • Members are required to conduct their business in the highest standards.
  • Membership's dues are due by the first (1st) of the month.
  • Members may invite guests to any meeting or event, with the exception of the business meeting on the last Thursday of the month. There's no charge for guest who are potential new members.
  • Dues delinquency of 90 days or more is grounds for termination.
  • Board elections take place in March, members are encouraged to participate.
  • A member of less than one year is not eligible to hold office of president.


General Overview of BEI

Special Events

BEI members participate in many different events throughout the year. Some events are social events for members and their spouses or significant others. These events could be as simple as organizing picnic outings at local beaches, bus tours to scenic areas, sporting events, amusement parks, restaurants.

One of BEI's most important event is an auction that supports one of our charities "The Palm Beach State College Fund". BEI has raised over $18,000.

Member Visitations Events

A visitation "a get together of members, family and friends" is sponsored by a single member or multiple members. The purpose of this visit is to acquaint the members with the location of the business and its services. The entire program is at the discretion of the host. Visitations have been hosted at a member's place of business or local restaurants.

BEI Board Members

BEI is a business networking group in Palm Beach County. BEI promotes the general welfare of the community through business activities and by disseminating business information of value to the community. BEI promotes and furthers mutual business interests and welfare of its members. It foster's spirit of fellowship among its members.

Jim Kaminske –President

Sharif Mikhail – VP

Jodie Harris – Secretary Treasure

John Roy – Director




$20,000 Raised

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